Our experience in ColombiaModa 2023

Colombiamoda delivers one of those moments where the magic of art and design unites with spectators who see with new eyes, sincere curiosity, and an open heart, all the fashion proposals as diverse as the human being himself, but where we are united by what makes us equal: our powerful desire to give our gifts. At the end of July we presented in an unforgettable collective runaway, with proposals as diverse and honest as ours, our latest collection Electric Feel, under the program of Women Changing Fashion.

Our form of expression is connected to the simplicity of minimalism, geometric figures that remind us of the divine order of what appears to be chaos, loose silhouettes inspired by Japanese aesthetics, the frequencies of color and vibration of the material, which we believe deeply connect with our soul, as we are spiritual beings living an earthly experience. Seeing that inspiration embodied in a runway, is like entering a dream from which you do not want to wake up. Every time we live that experience, the energy of the body rises, you remember all the moments you visualized that moment, and tears come to your eyes to see your loved ones and so many people recognizing something you did from your commitment to be true to yourself.

The experience in Colombiamoda leaves us with several lessons and satisfactions.The unconditional solidarity of people, the support of so many who recognize the effort and hard work, the will to continue and the persistence to not let ourselves be carried away by fear. To persist in what we dream is a divine right, and only that inner fire of love for what we do is what helps us to move towards the manifestation of moments like this, which we remember as signs to continue trusting.

Let’s begin by bringing to consciousness the power of colors

Let’s begin by bringing to consciousness the power of colors. And how do we do that? Let’s start first with understanding them from their origin. Although this Universe is full of mysteries and complete synchrony, and the planets continue to rotate every day effortlessly around the sun, which is the essential element for us to see colors, the truth is that there are generalities or “laws” that help explain why a color is visually formed in a way and why it is that we can distinguish it. 

Colors are, like everything else that exists, energy, waves. They are light, vibrating at different frequencies, carrying information that our eyes and brain interpret automatically. In fact it is a mystery how we have cells called photosensitive cells that are responsible for taking these light waves and converting them into a color vision. 

Humans can only capture a tiny spectrum of the colors that exist. In fact, according to recent studies, our eyes can only see 0.00035% of everything there is. As everything is perfect in the Universe, external vision is one of the many ways (perhaps the least efficient) to connect with the power of color, and that is why in BeMonocromo we do not limit ourselves to it being the only way to perceive the powerful effect of these incredible elements. 

In that electromagnetic spectrum visible to us there are high frequency colors, which implies that they have a much shorter wavelength, such as violet and blue. On the other hand, there are lower frequency colors with a long wavelength, such as red and orange. In fact, the rainbow is the formation of these waves in perfect order and synchrony, where I don’t think it seems to almost anyone that the shades do not match each other. Quite the contrary. It seems to us that the rainbow is pure magic.

In future blogs, we will tell you how these frequencies have their own reason for being, and how we can begin to interact in a more intentional way with these gifts from the Universe.


Maria Clara V