Electric Feel. That was what I felt when we started to create the new collection.

We are electrical beings, because we are energy. And as beings who see and dream in color, we also receive that electricity from the vibration of these elements. To give yourself the opportunity to feel that means to be present, like when we see a painting in the living room that was always there but we didn’t notice before. The brand has not only taught us to open up to a new perspective of fashion and recognize that clothing and the self are intimately related at higher levels, but also has allowed us to express with elegance and simplicity the electric content of the colors we chose for this collection.

Our canvas is normally white, precisely because white contains all the spectrums and it receives all the light frequencies. And from there, we generate contrasts with colors that vibrate to open our power to make decisions, such as yellow, which is the fire that encourages us to take steps while feeling safe, listening to our intuition.

Black color as the opposite of white, creates total depth in absence of everything, and from there we integrated purple as the highest frequency of color in the color spectrum to acknowledge the power to see (really see) our world from a more missionary perspective and oneness.

This is how we navigate through all the colors that inspire us to feel electric from what we wear, among blazers, tops, jumpsuits, pants, shirts and our minimalist world but full of meaning and of all the vibration of color.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


Maria Clara V


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